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    ck sent me this email and i think i'd share it here cos i burst out laughing when i saw the answer.

    Here is a puzzle for you.

    Imagine you are in Africa. You have been tied hanging on a tree with a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope, and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch.

    Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one around to help you.
    What to do now ..........

    write your answer before your scroll down....

    Scroll down for answer...

    Sing a Happy Birthday song.

    Was that retarded or what?

    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 8:52 AM


    hey everyone!

    btw the chalet date is changed to

    5th and 6th Jan 2008.(right?)

    hope to see many ppl there..
    the more the merrier..wheeee~



    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 12:54 PM


    well, the pa chalet would most probably be on 22nd-23rd dec. anyone got any violent objections to it? the dates are on sat and sun so as to cater to guys like me serving ns..so pls inform ur availability for the chalet on these dates to kt or ck. thanks

    posted by ys @ 11:00 PM

    haloz to all crewies! has been some time since i posted an entry here. ok, just to help ck spread the BIG notice, there would be a PA chalet tis coming december. interested crewies pls kindly inform ck or kt abt ur interest. thank you.

    ps: the chalet would be cool if crewies from various crews, i.e 19th to 24th crews, could turn up for it.

    posted by ys @ 10:56 AM


    hello ppl i've revived my blogger account
    so here i am..

    erm..don't really know the purpose of this post actually

    hope everyone's well ya?
    take good care of yourselves.

    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 1:50 PM


    hey hey!!

    Hope everyone is having a good time back in singapore!! Well.. for the guys
    in NS... well... getting lotsa off is also a form of fun!! try to go and psycho
    your officers to give you plenty of offs!!

    Found this video on you tube.. the best way to pon tang a lecture!

    well.. have a happy new year people!!


    posted by Raver @ 9:54 PM


    juz a random post=D getting hooked to photoshop..XD

    posted by tracy @ 10:11 PM


    haha i juz realised snoopy's paws happen to be resting on the channels tt are turned on..looks like he's playing with the mixer when he's supposed to be juz doing push ups(no particular reason y he's doing push ups on a mixer..it's the nicest snoopy n woodstock pic i can find=D''')

    happy new year to evyone too!

    posted by tracy @ 4:34 PM

    wow.. new skin is finally out!! haha.. snail you xin1 ku3~~~

    i just polished it a bit... changed those little things tat snail lazy to change.. haha.. as for the "leave" column.. suppose to put ppl's link.. if ppl don't mind leaving their blog links on dis blog, pls leave a tag there.. or you just add in ur address by urselves.. haha..

    last bt nt least..
    happy new year and happy mugging, bidding, waiting for sch reopen, NS-ing, waiting to go NS, working, etc....

    posted by 为食主义 @ 12:03 PM

    Hey peeps! Here's the new blogskin i've designed for our blog=D hope u all like it! hmm too tired to make the other small changes arnd now..so i'll leave it as this for the time being bah=P


    posted by tracy @ 2:11 AM


    yoz yoz yoz, 25th Dec is here. so I hereby wish everybody from the many batches of PA crews "Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!" Have fun on this festive season. Enjoy and take care! =)

    posted by ys @ 6:35 PM


    ok, since wanqin asked for W-, here you go, but pls note tat i dun really noe alot of ppl in pa crew showing tis trend, but still from the 18th-23rd crews, there are oso at least one person wif such trend from each crew. so see below...

    18th crew: WanLing (WL)
    19th crew: WanTing (WT), WeiHong (WH)
    20th crew: Wanqin (WQ)
    21st crew: Weiming (WM)
    22nd crew: Wanting (WT), different person from 19th crew
    23rd crew: Woonloong (WL)

    haha, so surprising rite...hmm...if there's more trend tat u find among pa crews, feel free to post ur blog..okie? heehee =)

    posted by ys @ 8:38 PM


    tat day i was having a MSN conversation wif yiwei and i told her one trend that i found out in PA crew. U might want to noe abt it. If u ever notice, from the 19th-23rd crews, each crew will have at least one person whose names having the initials with y-(then a letter). Dun believe, see below:

    19th crew: Yongji (YJ)
    20th crew: Yixia (YX), Yanti (YT)
    21st crew: Yiwei (YW), YingQian (YQ)
    22nd crew: YongSheng (YS), Yanru (YR)
    23rd crew: Yueheng (YH)

    This are the names i can recall. If u noe more, feel free to add it in...haha...anyway, tis trend is abit crap la, but if tis is really an important trend that occurs in VJC PA Crew, then 23rd crew ar, make sure u all continue the trend by recuiting the next newbies with at least one person following this trend lei...haha. oh tis is getting too crap...better end it now...=)

    posted by ys @ 10:06 PM


    haha, the year is coming to an end..and of course a new year is going to start soon...all the best to the 23rd crew cos yr2 is gona be busy for u guys, though there isn't any much events left, just do ur best for these events and train a good batch of 24th crew and then u all can focus on ur studies. Erm, tat means im oso gg to haf my grandjuniors le...herhan ar, make sure u get me a good direct grandjunior who will stay in pa lei, else i kill you...haha....ok abit vrap but wat i said is serious k...to my crew guys, good luck for NS ba, and for the girls, happy holiday till around july/augusyt lor...haha....to the earlier crews, all the best ba...sounds like departing speech, but it's not, cos someone said im free ma and shld be able to crap, so just crap lor....hmm...gtg, cya! =)

    posted by ys @ 8:15 PM



    1st post by the 23rd pa crew! her han here.. in case u all duno, i'm yong sheng's direct jnr n yiwei's grandjnr.

    anyway i nid someone to add me as admin so that i can invite the rest of the 23rd crewies to blog here..

    posted by han @ 3:57 PM


    wanting (chairman) & yongsheng (vice chairman)

    yongsheng & grace

    peiwen & yongsheng

    yongsheng & hanyaw

    yongsheng & kenneth

    22nd pa crew..not everyone is in tis foto..
    front row: peiwen, guan yun, xiufen
    back row: kenneth, yongsheng, hanyaw

    Erm, all these fotos are taken using my (yongsheng) camera, so naturally the fotos will haf me in them..ya...there's one gal missing (yanru) cos i din manage to find her during sdd...so enjoy tis fotos ba....=)

    hello...han yaw here...hmm since yongsheng doesn't have a photo with yanru...i'll upload mine here....

    yan ru & han yaw

    lastly this is the photo from the PA BBQ on 021206

    posted by ys @ 8:11 PM


    dunno what happen to the tagboard.. dunno why got dis Cpanel thing pop out..

    free snrs.. pls fix it.. lol.. maybe change to cbox.. heex~

    posted by 为食主义 @ 1:09 AM


    hello everybody..

    大家还好吗??Apa khabar??

    thanks yiwei for inviting me again.. dunno why i reject the other time..

    but nvm.. this is a quiet place.. got time come here and walk walk..

    but if too many people come here and walk walk.. then will be congested like PIE during peak hour..

    anyway.. my blog is allinachicksday.blogspot .... so everyone please exchange ur blog add here so we can know what is going on in ur life.. especially when want to commit suicide.. we read in time then can save u...

    ok.. stay happy!!

    posted by little chick @ 8:20 PM


    yoyoyo! to anyone who still remembers this dusty blog..

    school's starting for a new batch of freshies!
    do enjoy your orientation

    n take cAre!!


    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 12:50 PM


    I've been hibernating a bit lah. Feel kinda lost touch with you guys. Firstly, I hope everyone's fine and all. And good luck to the J2s for the coming exams! I'm sure you'll do well. :D

    Anyway, uni's starting soon for a lot of people. All the best folks!
    I went to this NUS camp where the Fright Night was creepy! Quite exciting. Reminded me of the PA role playing game during the camp. That was more hilarious than anything but I really cherished the memories of PA. Haiz, kinda getting sentimental here.

    Take care everyone.

    posted by ali*ya @ 10:10 PM


    just add all of you to become admin.. so any of you can change e blog skin.. feel like changing it but no time to make a nice one now..

    so any of you who still come here but not happy wiz this skin, just change it... ^^

    posted by 为食主义 @ 11:00 PM


    JTS on 30th May...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 9:50 AM


    haha yiwei..sorry for deserting u..alrite i shall make my presence felt again! wahahaha. thx for changing the skin for the blog..v nice..but a bit cramped..yea thx anyway for the effort =)

    actually hand over alr no need to be sad one la..u will always be part of PA! for ever and ever! can be like us wat..everyday still go there in the morning to talk crap n do nothing..haha. but anyway exams coming le hor? after june hols will be common test den prelims le..v v fast one..believe me..it'll catch u unexpected..lost time is never found again..so must ba3 wo4 all the time u have together. woah how come i sound so wise all of a sudden..haha..

    yea. nothing much to say alr..i'll keep u guys updated. bbyeee~

    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 9:23 PM


    28 April 2005
    21st crew step down...

    only intro 22nd to 20th hor...

    on jene's right is grace-project head, yan ru-treasurer, pei wen-grp leader, wan ting-chair, xiu fen and guan yun..

    at the back, fr left to right.. hanyaw, kenneth-tech spec, yong sheng-vice chair..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 12:01 AM


    think i am going to change the blog skin this weekend... but PA blog looks so deserted now.. dunno whether there is still need to do so..


    posted by 为食主义 @ 10:17 PM


    music fest is over.. our last event has come to the end... sob sob~~~ today when we left the pt, i suddenly felt so sad... plus pz, gy n tk were taking photos there, it was really like farewell..

    ya, music fest is over... generally it was quite ok.. first half was quite smooth... second half was abt bands n guest performers.. so we din really have rehearsals.. but ok lah.. though got some small probs, the music fest '2005 was still a success.. yay!

    haiz, actually no mood to "yay".. next thurs is election.. soooooooooooooo fast.. its the time for us to handover liaoz... any snrs interested in coming back to see ur grand jnrs?.. haha.. may be old place, earlier time..

    zzZ.. just back fr music fest.. feel like sleeping liaoz.. anyone seeing this, maybe can add some details abt music fest.. haha~~

    posted by 为食主义 @ 12:09 AM


    heY!! i suddenly realised something...xiufEn was my cds junior from dunman high! hahaha...this girl is following in my footsteps..good good! lots of thx to yiwEi for uploading the photos! hais..remembered the v fun PA camp we had in yr one..hahaha..queueing up to shower after midnight..and sitting at level 3 v blk after that talking rubbish..so memorable..oh wells..

    oh by the way woodstock rocks! yay! =)

    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 1:48 PM


    haiya, i thought he was saying e common test in term 2 mah..

    anw, here come PA camp photos!!! i post up some gd ones.. for the rest, pls go to:



    (i post e photos till siao liaoz... ^^''' actually u can just go to e links by yourselves.. post here just for our convenience to see...)

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:55 PM

    JAN-MAR bdae crewies.. fr left to right.. wei ming, royston, yong sheng, wan ting, guan yun..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:35 PM

    yong sheng blowing candle...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:34 PM

    birthday cake for JAN-MAR crewies...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:34 PM


    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:34 PM

    super stars in RPG...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:33 PM

    yong sheng, test v easy meh??

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:32 PM

    a very artistic photo of Grace...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:31 PM

    guan guan...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:30 PM

    a successful trust fall!

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:29 PM

    trust falling-- dun be scared, xiao luo luo..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:28 PM

    oh no.. the pingpong ball is going to drop..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:26 PM

    2nd ice break game...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:25 PM


    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:24 PM


    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:23 PM

    mr yeo acting cute.. OMG..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:23 PM

    wei ming blowing candle..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:21 PM

    before RPG...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:21 PM


    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:21 PM

    advertisement for COLGATE?..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:20 PM

    presenting to you.. 21st crew's chair n vice chair...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:19 PM

    anti-dunmanians.. yay!!

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:18 PM

    kuang ting n cheng kun.. harpie harpie..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:17 PM

    still look so gay..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:16 PM

    look at yixia's head...=.=!

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:16 PM


    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:15 PM

    jene n liting

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:12 PM

    my lame jnr -- yong sheng..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:12 PM

    fr left to right.. wing yan, xiu fen, han wei n Mr Ueng..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:10 PM

    STJ.. the other half...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:10 PM

    STJ.. guess who are the three being blocked..

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:09 PM

    hmmm... no nd introduce liao rite?..=P

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:08 PM

    21st crew!!!

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:07 PM

    21st + 22nd crewies!!!

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:06 PM

    22nd crew!!

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:06 PM

    before STJ...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 4:05 PM


    haha alemak..wat's the diff btw block test and common test? only diff name wat..wat's there to be happy about..duh~ haha..so poor thing how come got dead bird outside the room? u all put poison is it...but should be happy it's not a dead bAt so sth..that will be much more disgusting...

    anyway u ppl passing over to the juniors soon rite? must choose the exco wisely ya..[cannot be like us cos we chose wrongly...lol just joking la...]

    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 3:13 PM

    dun tell me you still dunno we dun have common tests this year? ~lalala~ only have block tests, prelim then As liaoz..

    dunno its gd or bad.. but anw u cant zhuai us liaoz.. hohoho~~~

    today jnrs started doing duty on their own liaoz.. wed n thurs are O2.. jnrs jia you.. gd luck! haha..

    we discovered a dead bird at e corner outside sound rm.. O-M-G!.. decay already... v smelly... wat a poor bird!.. but we din dare to clear it... =.=! dunno where its spirit will flow... scully its a yuan1 hun2...

    posted by 为食主义 @ 9:56 AM


    I am here to post a reminder that the year 2s will have ur common test soon... ( and to gloat over it)... hopefully most of you will get lousy grades so I dun need to feel bad about mine... haha.. anyways study harder ...A levels this year... Weird ... I din seem to be able to tell myself that last year... Oh and by the way... did I mention that I do not have any more common tests? WAhahahaha :D

    posted by ~yXboy~ @ 2:52 PM


    How was camp??

    Post pictures up ok?

    Heehee, esp if any rpg ones, muahahah.

    Sorry I couldn't come and be a kaypoh but I bet it was loads of fun.

    posted by ali*ya @ 4:22 PM


    hey peeps..when is the march school hols? which day will the STJ be? and where? oh if dun want to say here can secretly msg me..hahahaha..i want to go!! i still rmb last year i was so sick lor but still enjoyed the PA camp a lot..a hell lot more exciting than all those rehearsals and concerts..ya! and the tests are the most fun part! (this year 21st will know how FUN it is to mark ur scripts at 2am...) hmm...but i feel that this is a very good time to bond with ur fellow crewies too..hais i miss PA...

    posted by pinkandgreydots @ 2:14 PM

    ya, it's really fast to come to pa camp again.. my memory of how we mugged for tests n how we enjoyed all the other things is still fresh.. but we have become the ones to zheng3 jnrs.. haha..

    pa camp is next mon to wed..as usual... and e hell rm thing...*shhhhhhhhhhhh* yixia ah, dun forget 22nd crewies are also here!! but anw, we may or may not follow ur footsteps.. so jnrs dun try to guess what will happen to you all.. =D

    so many snrs want to come back ah? haha... if you want to join STJ just join loh.. ya, its SENIORS treat jnrs... though we are snrs of 22nd crew, you are still OUR SNRS.. hohoho.. i believe 21st wont mind snrs treating them... Right?.. (this is a truth... not a question) =P

    22nd crew, can start mug for ur camp tests liaoz.. hohoho.. must pass wiz flying colours k?

    posted by 为食主义 @ 1:10 PM


    Wow so fast its the time of the year again... can be considered one of the most fun events in the whole of your PA life... both for the seniors and the juniors (more fun for the seniors though... to see the juniors suffering.) Remember the plan for 'Hell Room' last year... can be applied to this year's camp... Well... too bad for those who quitted... they will miss lotsa fun, for example being whipped in the Hell Room etc.... Oooooh 21st is stepping down soon huh... so fast... Good Luck for all your tests...For those who make it to be the 22nd Crew... Do a good job :)

    P.S. We POPed... so Hanwei G and me might be joining you all for STJ... Any more 20th going?...I don't think the 21st will mind treating a few more uncles and aunties... Right? (this is an order, not a question)

    posted by ~yXboy~ @ 9:42 PM